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#04: the consequence of passion.

There’s an email sitting in my inbox.

Some marketing executive wants me to ghostwrite a series of long-form articles for him.

It’s a generous offer. Consistent money from a trusted source is rare in the wild wild west of freelance writing. But I send a polite email declining because I’ve ridden this bull before.

Now, I absolutely adore writing. Pounding out ad copy for consumer brands or slinging words for short, uptempo stories like this keeps my heart full of blood.

Those are my passions.

Writing in someone else’s voice on topics I don’t care about makes me consider shoving an ice pick through my eye.

Personally, it’s worth saying “no” to projects interfering with my long-term pleasure — even if it means short-term suffering.

Everyone always says to “pursue your passion.” What they fail to talk about are the consequences that follow this pursuit.

Passion will cost you money and time and stability. But if you really love something, you’re paying yourself to be happy.

There’s advice you can take to the bank.