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#06: never ever get bored with the basics.

I recently came across a legendary story about Kobe Bryant.

In 2007, Kobe was in the midst of his prime and hungrier than a child pushing through week two of fat camp. Shaquille O’Neal had just won a title with the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade sent Kobe on a cutthroat mission to prove he could win without Shaq by his side.

At the same time, the Kobe Bryant Skills Academy was opening, and a Nike rep was shipped out to help with the launch.

He asked if he could attend a workout to witness Kobe’s greatness in an intimate setting. The workout was set to begin at 4 AM. Arriving early, the Nike rep found Kobe already painting the court with sweat warming up before the workout.

Although the Nike rep was impressed by Bryant’s dedication and skill, his eyes glazed over with boredom. Kobe practiced basic skills for 45 minutes.

Later that day, the man asked Kobe why the session was so…boring.

Here’s Kobe’s response:
“Why do you think I’m the best player in the world? Because I never ever get bored with the basics.”

If you’re getting into any sort of creative work, it’s worthwhile to be like Kobe and fall in love with the basics (or pursue another profession).

Sit your ass down and practice, rain or shine. Read any and all great work you can get your sticky fingers on.

Embrace the hell out of mastering the basics — then keep going.