#16: coming of age.

This morning I woke up outside the sheets. The fan blew cold air on my warm skin as I rolled to the side and slipped into black rubber Birkenstocks.

I walked through the bedroom door into a borrowed living room.

We’re renting a fully-furnished home in California which is an odd experience. Every moment of life happens within someone else’s exoskeleton.


I slip a collar around Bennie’s neck and motion him towards the hallway. As we slow-walk around the block, leaving generous time for him to explore the world through his nose, I can’t help but think about how quickly life pivots in your twenties.

Since October I’ve driven across the country, found a new job, gotten engaged, and led a completely different life than I had months earlier.

Only in your twenties could your existence be so equally random, pure, challenging, chaotic, calm, exciting, and uncertain.

To be 27.

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