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#08: chipotle butter.

Cooking meltdowns have been my mind-numbing agent of choice lately. Nothing beats a beet-red chef screaming at a flustered 30-something about bland bolognese sauce to the delight of fellow contestants.

While there are hours and hours of incredible content, one clip has been seared into my brain like a hot skillet kissed by oil.

A man is going head to head against a woman in the protein category. Each side draws a cut of steak at random. The woman draws the short straw and must cook a cheap flank steak while her counterpart gets a pretty cut of filet mignon.

The man goes for a simple salt and pepper rub leaving judges less than impressed. The woman sautees her cut in hand-crafted chipotle butter sauce pushing one judge to exclaim;

“You’ve elevated the ordinary into an extraordinary dish!”

It's a line every creative should have scribbled in their journal. To elevate the ordinary.

I remember Anne Lamott writing something similar in Bird by Bird.

Her father, a local writer, was the person friends and neighbors leaned on to tell their stories. He could take snippets from daily life and shade or exaggerate things in a way that made them more interesting.

So, next time you come across something ordinary with untapped potential, throw a dash of chipotle butter on there.

Let’s see what happens.