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Dark Matter Coffee
Sample Manifesto

I believe there’s some sort of magic flowing underneath coffee shops.

I’ve watched young entrepreneurs share steaming lattes on icy winter days, buzzing about a new business idea, wires scattered across a wooden table. Couples crisping outdoors smelling of salt and sunscreen, iced black cold brew in hand as they plan their next adventure. For whatever reason, anything feels possible.

There is one coffee shop that holds a tiny (but mighty) spot in my heart above the rest. The name is “Dark Matter.” The spot is W Belmont Ave in Chicago. One foot through the door, and the atmosphere hit different. Like we were all in on a secret the rest of the universe didn’t understand.

I used to venture into Dark Matter in college, the weight of my future softened by a strong nitro brew. Sometimes I’d go alone. Sometimes with friends.

While I haven’t been to Dark Matter in years, its name popped into my mind seven days ago. And, I decided I ought to write some copy for them as that’s what I do when I absolutely adore a brand.

If I’ve learned anything on my venture into freelance copywriting, it’s that humans love free shit. So, I’m manifesting this relationship by rewriting some of the words on their website.

Dark Matter, when you read this, please give me a ring. I’ll be (impatiently) waiting…


We are the resistance.
Everything coffee should be, nothing it actually is.

For the artistic, the poetic.
Who dare to pair bold blends with bigger dreams.
Who are anti-waste, pro-taste.

For dusk and daybreak.
One sip is another universe, far away.

We are the most intellectually honest cup of coffee your tongue will ever touch.

Product Description: 

Nightroamer is from the forbidden realm of punk rock and acoustic renditions. Its presence signals violet skies, good company, better riffs, great beans and beings.

To the nose, it's dark-as-night fruit with a twinkle of acidity.

To the tongue, it’s smooth-as-silk honey processed Salvadoran coffee, pairing a milky body with hints of berry.

Drink it alone. Drink it together. Share it as the sky turns and the energy shifts.